25 October 2011

Rave and Review: ELF HD Powder

I bought this from Candy a few weeks back. There were some hiccups during delivery but Candy generously settled it, so thank you, Candy!

There are tonnes of reviews on this product (I mainly read from here) so I shan't bother on reviewing. I will, however, provide pictures cuz honestly I'm a woman of few words haha.

What I liked:

The finely milled powder

Mattefying effects

Top: Body Shop Liquid Foundation, Bottom: with ELF HD powder

on left picture: can you see the whitish powder on the side of my face? it creates a soft focus all around.

Hides pores
left pic: without, right: with
also, you can search for my pores. they are. not. there.

Oil Control
Right: after approximately 6 hours of wear without touch up or blotting (yeah i'm that lazy haha) even the eyelids have gone all oily.

What I recommend doing:
- remove half of the sticky tab instead of all to prevent a powder storm
- using the given powder puff, but I personally prefer the brush
- to save on product, use on areas which tend to get oily, like forehead, nose, cheeks. Then, sweep the access across the whole face.

yep so make your own judgement but i say, at barely $13, it is a good investment for special occasions (what I do) or everyday use.

have you tried this? do you like it? 

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