2 April 2012

Franken: 01

annnnnnnd i have been busy.... with my new hobby! hahaha ever since i collected my items from michelle (thanks!), i have been mixing and matching colours - like an alchemist. now i just need some salt pile and troll fat to complete my potion... kidding! too much skyrim!

haven't been very satisfied with the colours i've been working on but.... one little sneek peak! i wish i had a better camera to capture the goodness but no. oddly enough my iphone 4s camera works better than my digital cam. 

my franken against CG bogie on the thumb. i didn't exactly have bogie in mind when i started to try out the different colour combos i had. my version was also quite sheer so this was actually painted over black polish.

i'm not sure if i prefer to layer sheer polish or have a thick one/two coater instead.

any thoughts or suggestions?

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