29 July 2012

Nail Art: Chevron

this manicure was inspired by chalkboard nails. i hardly ever do nail art because i'm usually too tired to wait for the polish to dry, but i knew i had to try this cuz it's so easy!
unfortunately due to the drying seche vite which no amount of thinner would work, my art was ruined. soooo disappointed. 

i used Zoya Bevin as base, then layered China Glaze Recycled, OPI Miso Happy With This Colour, and OPI I Brake For Manicures

i know what you're thinking. nope your screen is not dirty.
I thought the right thumb was pretty perfect.... until the topcoat dragged the darkest colour all over. and it's not as if i put the topcoat on immediately, i had waited in 10 minute intervals for each layer, and only put the top coat on 30 mins after the last layer was done.
i decided to try the essence quick dry and gel look top coat ONE DAY after my manicure. in short don't get them because they absolutely suck. they added bubbles to my nails, are not quick dry at all and it comes with a wonky brush.
so sad. any suggestions for a good top coat?

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