8 November 2012

Life: Eason Chan Concert

Brought the boyfriend along to watch Eason Chan concert at MBS 2 sundays back cuz I had free tickets. I must say even though I'm not a big fan (I think I only know 3 songs of his hahaha) I enjoyed it a lot! except for the dancers who had quirky costumes (think crash dummies) and they looked like they were randomly moving around, the entire show was spectacular! Eason Chan was also hyper and extremely funny. was slightly disappointed cuz the two songs that I know by heart he sang Chinese instead of Canto and vice versa :/

Also his avid fans from Hong Kong were behind me screaming 'Eason!!!! Eason!!! Encore!!!' which sound really like ‘医生! 医生 ! Ankle!!!' cuz um they pronounced encore wrongly. and then the boyfriend -whose humour should be questioned sometimes- started screaming "in pain" and called out 医生  too hahahahaha.
But I think he enjoyed the show more than me la, considering this is his first pop concert and there were pyrotechnics involved haha.

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