22 February 2011

Nail Art: Rhinestuded nails

I purchased a few grosses of rhinestones and studs from a Singaporean seller on ebay and decided to do my nails. Why did I buy them for? No idea hahahah cuz they were cheap I guess? I heard places like Arab Street sell a packet for $3 ++ ?? I dunno cuz I've never been there to find for any but this seller is pretty nice. 144 pieces of rhinestuds for $1.50 and 144 pieces of rhinestones for $2 (that is if you get more than 5 grosses.) and plus can mix colours hahahahhaha so I have like 11 packets of colours or something hahah.

yeah i know the green one looks like a turtle back HAHA i wanted this effect by petrilude like the whole nail full of silver stones or sth but then .... my imagination got me this crap hahah oh well. i like the thumb effect though the clear rhinestones are pretty bling. the pink and green rhinestuds are just =/ not that bling, but doable.

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