13 February 2012

Rant: Coralingerie

Lots of anger and hate below please don't read if you're allergic to sarcasm and commentary.

I hate it when I'm being polite to people and they just take me for granted.

I won a USD$50 voucher for Coralingerie and honestly their customer service sucks.

First I must comment that I do appreciate the fact that they extended the voucher expiry to Jan, I really do. I chose two bras that cost USD39 and USD19, and had to fork out an extra USD8, but I didn't mind.

When the bras came I was pretty excited, considering it's my first time ordering bras online I hoped it would fit me and my mom's usual sizes. I even checked online bra conversion websites. Unfortunately it did not.

I ordered a front clip on for myself (36C)and a rose imprinted one for my mom (38C).

So. Turns out that 38C is too tight for my mom but just nice for me, just that the cup is too huge. By huge I mean like another hand would be able to fit it. Like if my bf were to cup my boobs then yes, the bra would certainly fit.

36C is too loose for me but just nice for my mom, and yes, the cups are too big for her as well.

Isn't it odd? My mom's larger than me but she can fit into mine but can't fit into hers, I can fit into hers but can't fit into mine?!

I emailed asking for an exchange and if they can give me a recommendation cuz I cannot gauge just like that. I went to the website again to find their size chart right at the bottom of the page. I mean, who puts size charts at the bottom of the websites??? Aren't they supposed to be linked in every product item page? And besides they go by numbers! I'm no bra expert. The options they give on the product item pages are in standard notation - 36B, 38B, all these. And the size chart was just a whole chunk of indecipherable numbers.

I admit it may be an overlook on my part, I should have scrolled down to the bottom to look at every inch of their website but honestly I wouldn't even have understood any part of it.

I got quite annoyed with the emailing and non-answer answers they give (with bad grammar and spelling) so I gave up and said in a fit,

"I don't understand your size chart. What has 42 and 44 got in relation to 36C and 38C? *here I insert exchange sizes * If it still doesn't fit me I'll just sell it away."

And they replied.. without explaining to me the size chart! WHAT IS THIS??!

Not to mention every bra that I asked before I even made my purchase, they said they don't have it in stock. What kind of business are you doing if you don't have it in stock? And then I realised, I asked for bras that had to be 'PRE-ORDER'ed. So just because I have a cash voucher I cannot pre-order bras is it?

I am raging right now and have half the mind to make them refund me my USD8, but on consideration they did extend my voucher by a month, I don't think I want to do that.

And I'm not all mean and unreasonable ok. I did thank them for being patient with my requests and questions, but they did not even say you're welcome! WHERE ARE THE MANNERS HAR??????

zzz what's wrong with these people... Customer service should be common sense, not on a piece of paper.... So ridiculous...

Tell me, is it just me asking for too much, or is this really the standard nowadays? Because if it is then I guess I have to lower my standards to fit in.

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