10 February 2012

Rant: So. I found out I got scammed twice in a day.

I bought a Groupon deal for two at Honjin Restaurant which expires in March. Each deal cost me $20.
Yesterday, I tried calling the numbers given on the deal. It didn't get through. I called the HP number. Couldn't connect. Since I was in town with my boyfriend, we walked to Odeon Towers (I checked online and it seems that they've moved from Tanjong Pagar). Turns out the location which they were supposed to takeover was shut down too.

I asked the security guard and they told me the Restaurant group will only reopen in May, and he added that they have 'paperwork issues' but it really is a case of financial crisis.


I'm not one who will cry over spilled milk, so we walked back to find some food. Along the way, I had the hunch to check my email. And guess what?

Turns out one seller from Sg_beauty also scammed me. This other girl emailed and asked if I got my OPI Rainbow Connection and said she and another girl didn't receive their polishes as well. I bought from this seller before and she remembered me, so I thought she was reliable. The only difference was the previous time I had ordered 3 bottles and asked for registered mail. Plus she said she sent it out during the Xmas period so when it didn't arrive within a week I didn't get suspicious. Subsequently emails were sent back and forth, phone calls were made to the post offices.

Nope. No package in sight.

Interesting they all come at once.

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