18 June 2012

Art: Acrylic Painting

The bf and I have recently acquired a new slash expensive hobby - acrylic painting. Ever since I started working more and the bf going back to study, we only get to meet once a week so we decided to try to do something together instead of always lazing around the house and napping, such a waste of time!!! Plus I've always loved art so when we saw acrylic paint tubes selling at 6 for $10 I grabbed 12 lol. After the first painting I kind of remembered why I stopped painting. I hate the clean up but thankfully with my slave bf around he always does the washing MUAHAHAHAHA
So far we've painted twice and hahahahaha they weren't really disastrous but could definitely and obviously be better. If you follow my Twitter/Instagram, you would have seen this but I'm just posting for memories' sake. Each week we come up with a theme to paint to. 
Mine's here:

possible to decipher what i envisioned in my mind?? i get loads of wrong answers like an atomic bomb mushroom cloud, a mushroom on a rock blah blah blah. i think for starters not bad leh HAHAHAHAHA Van Gogh style hor.
Bf's:   thanks for reading!

 thanks for reading!

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