17 June 2012

Polish Swatch: Deborah Lippmann Supermodel

the polish is coming off as bright red but it is actually not. under certain lighting it looks like an overtly red orange shade. sometimes i like it, most of the time i dont. i don't think it complements my skintone at all, and not to mention it kinds of stains my nail despite base coat (rare cuz i'm usually too lazy to put on base coat hah)
it applies evenly, but there's something strange about the colour.
when i applied the first layer, it looks almost like a pinkish red, something i'd totally dig (one of the rare few pink shades i like). on the 2nd layer, it looks as if it's bright fiery red. after 3 layers here, it seems to be a mix of orange and red.
but well dont trust my eyes, i had lasik and they've been bad ever since lol. 

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